Life, Animated

24/9/2016, 20:00, Odeon Opera 1

Three-year old Owen suddenly "disappears" into himself. The doctors’ diagnosis? Autism. The story -thankfully- takes a cinematic turn, when the little boy literally finds his voice through Disney classics and starts communicating with his family and the rest of the world this way. From Oscar-winning Roger Ross Williams, and with Simba, Peter Pan, Ariel and Jafar at the service of humanity, prepare for the most moving documentary you’ll see this year, which won the Best Director award at the Sundance Film Festival.

Life animated 3

Three year old Owen suddenly retreats inside himself. His parents are shocked as their pediatrician is unable to understand what is happening. The specialists’ diagnosis, autism, confirms their worst fears. Fortunately, events take a cinematic turn when the little boy literally finds his voice through classic Disney movies and begins to communicate with his family and the rest of the world. Directed by Academy-award winner Roger Ross Williams and with Sheba, Peter Pan, Ariel, and Jafar in the service of humanity, "Life, Animated" is this year’s most touching documentary, which won the Documentary Directing Award at the Sundance Festival and moved audiences everywhere. K.T.

Director: Roger Ross Williams
Screenwriters: Roger Ross Williams, David Teague
DoP: Tom Bergmann
Music: Dylan Stark, T. Griffin
Editor: David Teague
Featuring: Owen Suskind, Ron Suskind, Cornelia Suskind, Walter Suskind

USA | 2016 | Color & B/W | DCP | 91' | English