Orange Sunshine

1/10/2016, 18:00, Danaos 1

If you were around in the 1960s experimenting with psychotropic substances, a little orange pill promised to offer you the most unforgettable hallucinogenic trip. The young hippies that discovered it called it Orange Sunshine, distributed it worldwide and became the targets of an international manhunt for their arrest. Today, they talk freely about their romantic and dangerous utopia, and become the tour guides for a revealing trip back to the raving years of sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll.

OS Still 50

Director: William A. Kirkley
Screenwriter: William A. Kirkley
DoP: Rudiger Barth
Music: Matt Costa
Editor: Chris Catanach
Featuring: Austin Arnold, Tyler Mauro, Francesca Galassi, Taylor Bottles, Michael Delgado

USA | 2016 | Color | DCP | 94' | English