Akyllas Karazisis Meets Horvath with Faith, Hope, Charity

22/9/2017, 21:00, Danaos 2

Actor and director Akyllas Karazisis enters the world of author Ödön von Horváth by staging his play titled “Faith, Hope and Charity”, which takes place during the interwar period in Austria. The documentary chronicles the creative process from the first rehearsals through to the opening night in a performance where theatre and life become one. Cast and crew in attendance

Ödön von Horváth’s play entitled “Faith, Hope and Charity” takes place in Austria during the interwar period. The heroine is an unemployed woman who seeks to sell her body to the state Anatomical Institute. This was the opportunity for actor and director Akyllas Karazisis to penetrate the world of Austro-Hungarian writer.

Spotting the obvious similarities with today’s reality, Karazisis gathered around him the following cast: Maria Skoula, Sofia Kokkali, Kornilios Selamsis, Yorgos Glastras, Aris Balis, Evaggelia Karakatsani, Rebecca Tsiligaridou and Yannis Tsemerlidis, aiming for a great play that was embraced by Onassis Cultural Centre. Filmmakers Apostolia Papaioannou and Elias Giannakakis lead their camera to the depths of the country’s theatrical reality, following the contributors’ creative journey from the first rehearsals to the opening night. Cast and crew in attendance

Directors: Apostolia Papaioannou, Elias Giannakakis
DoP: Elias Giannakakis, Apostolia Papaioannou
Editor: Myrto Lekatsa
Featuring: Akyllas Karazisis, Maria Skoula, Sofia Kokkali, Kornilios Selamsis, Yorgos Glastras, Aris Balis
Production: Apostolia Papaioannou, Onassis Cultural Centre

Greece | 2016 | Color | DCP | 65’ | Greek