Sea Sorrow

22/9/2017, 19:30, Athens Concert Hall

An imaginary journey from London to the Aegean and from Shakespeare to refugee camps full of children who left their families behind on a different continent. Through memories of time, and personal statements presented with a sense of urgency, Academy Award winner and prominent activist, Vanessa Redgrave, directs a cinematic essay about the current immigration and refugee crisis. In attendance of Vanessa Redgrave and Lord Alfred Dubs, supporter of “Safe Passage”. The film will be introduced by Mimi Denisi.

Sea Sorrow

Starting from childhood memories and coming to the - expected for such a subject - shots οf a rough refugee rescue in the Aegean, Redgrave weaves an optical essay that goes beyond the current refugee crisis. Taking into account the narrations of her spiritual companion Lord Alfred Dubs and even some anachronistic references to a pre-war liberal rhetoric, she deals with an issue as old as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The absolutely composed dialectic she develops against charged personal testimonies and the shots of children in camps lead her deep, to the dawn of western civilization: Ralph Fiennes performs from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”; Prospero’s words to his daughter Miranda now sound chilling. In attendance of Vanessa Redgrave and Lord Alfred Dubs, supporter of “Safe Passage”. The film
will be introduced by Mimi Denisi.

After the screening a discussion will take place with the cast and crew, with “Doctors Without
Borders” and “Safe Passage”.

Special ticket prices: €6, €12, €20
All proceeds will go to the humanitarian organisations “Doctors Without Borders” and “Safe

Director: Vanessa Redgrave
DoP: Andrew Dearden
Editor: Folasade Oyeleye
Featuring: Ralph Fiennes, Emma Thompson, Vanessa Redgrave, Martin Sherman, Alfred Dubs

UK | 2016 | Color | DCP | 72’ | English, Arabic, French, Guinean, Italian