Ginger (1971)

Cult priestess Cheri Caffaro (yes, this is her real name) is Ginger, the blonde, hot and deadly spy that uses her sexual charms and no-nonsense attitude to bust drug and prostitution rings. Had it been made today, Ginger would have received a NC-17 rating just for the first half-hour, but back in the day it was an instant hit and generated two more sequels. Truth be told, it treated its audiences generously: complete with politically correct-free depictions of sex and violence, full frontal nudity, lesbian escapades and a castration performed with a piano string (of all things), it’s easy to see why Ginger retains its sleaze-appeal to this day. A timeless classic ? of sorts.

Director: Don Schain
Screenwriter: Don Schain
Cinematography: R. Kent Evans
Music: Robert G. Orpin
Cast: Cheri Caffaro, Duane Tucker, Herbert Kerr, Calvin Culver

USA, Color
English, 90΄
Format: 35mm