24th Athens International Film Festival

The Candy Snatchers (1973)

Two men and a woman badly stranded for cash, a 16-year-old upper-class girl and a seemingly foolproof kidnap plan that soon spirals out of control. Quickly buried away in film archives, The Candy Snatchers lives up to its myth; gritty, shocking, violent and deeply disturbing it can only be compared to Wes Craven’s Last House on the Left in sheer stomach-churningness. OPENING NIGHTS give Greek audience the opportunity to rediscover a hushed-but-not forgotten grindhouse classic. Not for the faint-hearted.

Director: Guerdon Trueblood
Screenwriter: Bryan Gindoff
Cinematography: Robert Maxwell
Music: Robert Drasnin
Editing: Richard Greer
Cast: Tiffany Bolling, Ben Piazza, Susan Sennett, Brad David

USA, Color
English, 94΄
Format: 35mm