The Intruder / L’ Intrus

26/9/2017, 18:00, Odeon Opera 1
30/9/2017, 22:45, Danaos 2

Feeling that the end is near an elderly man receives the heart of a young donor while at the same time trying to reconcile with his dark past. Characterised by its elliptical narrative style, evident more here than in any of her other films, and yet very dream-like, Denis invites the viewer to reassess the way he views cinema through an adventurous and deeply existential journey of life and death, from France to Korea and then to Tahiti.

The Intruder

A wonderful riddle wrapped in fragments of plot and torrential images, Denis’ most elliptical creation deals with the way we are accustomed to watching films and tries to reinvent it.

A cinema of instinct and paroxysm, beyond narrative rules and explanations, similar to the unexpected logic of dreams, “The Intruder” demands the viewer’s unconditional concession to its mysterious dispositions and scene sequences. If you look past the mysterious cover of the film you’ll find the existential life and death journey of a lone wolf who sensing that the end is near he accepts the heart of a young donor, and tries to come to terms with his dark past, following a journey that will lead him from France to Korea and then to Tahiti.

Director: Claire Denis
Screenwriters: Claire Denis, Jean-Pol Fargeau
DoP: Agnes Godard
Music: Stuart A. Staples
Editor: Nelly Quettie
Principal Cast: Michel Subor, Gregoire Colin, Katia Golubeva, Beatrice Dalle, Florence Loiret Caille, Alex Descas, Bambou, Lolita Chammah

France | 2004 | Color | 35mm | 127’ | French, Korean, Tahitian