My Dinner with Andre

24/9/2016, 18:00, Danaos 1 26/9/2016, 21:00, Danaos 2

Can a single conversation change your life? Two old friends from the theatre world meet in a New York restaurant for the first time after many years and Louis Malle turns their dinner into an unforgettable cinematic experience. A deeply philosophical, unexpectedly gripping and revealing film about love, death, and the small and great joys in life.

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Two old friends meet for dinner at a New York restaurant for the first time in years. One is a playwright who just barely manages to make ends meet by taking small acting roles. The other is also a playwright, but an internationally acclaimed one, who left everything behind to travel the world, looking for answers to the existential questions that haunt him. During their meeting, the pragmatic worldview of the first is set against the metaphysical, almost surrealistic experiences of the latter.

Can a simple conversation change your life? What on paper appears as a long-winded discussion between two pretentious artists is transformed into an unforgettable cinematic experience in the hands of Louis Malle and his two protagonists (Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory, who essentially play themselves). Deeply philosophical, finely directed and deceptively simple, ?My Dinner with Andre? is a surprisingly fascinating confessional film about love, death, and all the small and big joys of life.

Director: Louis Malle
Screenwriter: Andre Gregory, Wallace Shawn
DoP: Jeri Sopanen
Music: Allen Shawn
Editor: Suzanne Baron
Principal Cast: Andre Gregory, Wallace Shawn, Jean Lenauer, Roy Butler

USA | 1981 | Color | 35mm | 110' | English