• Guerrillas in the (tv) mist

  • «Andreas Embirikos» - «Aris Alexandrou»

    'Andreas Embirikos' :An idiosyncratic portrait of the seminal surrealist poet, exclusively built with footage from his personal archive without the intervention of any talking heads. 'Aris Alexandrou': An intimate portrait of the celebrated writer, who also happens to be one of the most dramatic figures in the history of the local left-wing movement.

  • «Aris Konstantinidis - Employed By Life» - «Dimitris Pikionis»

    'Aris Konstantinidis - Employed By Life': An intimate exploration of the mind and work of the most acclaimed modernist architect in Greece. 'Dimitris Pikionis': A documentary dedicated to the life and times of innovative architect Dimitris Pikionis on the occasion of the comprehensive show organised by the Benaki Museum in late 2011.

  • Katina Paxinou I & II

    'Katina Paxinou I': A comprehensive portrait of the Oscar-winning Greek actress. 'Κatina Paxinou II': The second part mainly focuses on her international career from 1950 up until her death in 1973.

  • «Cornelius Castoriadis» - «Aliki Vougiouklaki»

    'Cornelius Castoriadis': This episode attemps a first encounter with the Greek philosopher and author, whose powerful intellect has been likened to an exploding bomb. 'Aliki Vougiouklaki': The second, now legendary, episode of the documentary series was shot in 1976 and was censored by the government. This is the original version. A brief ceremony honoring series creators Lakis Papastathis and Takis Hatzopoulos will precede the screening.

  • «The Ogre of Athens by Nikos Koundouros - «Nikos Karouzos»

    THE OGRE OF ATHENS BY NIKOS KOUNDOUROS (2012) Directed by Lakis Papastathis Director Nikos Koundouros looks back on his collaboration with Iakovos Kabanellis and Dinos Iliopoulos, as he recounts the adventurous film shoot that took almost two years to complete. NIKOS KAROUZOS (2006) Directed dy Despina Carvela His work, his philosophical explorations and his personal confessions make up this documentary-portrait of the late Greek poet and intellectual.

  • «Theatre Square» - «Giorgos Koumentakis»

    'Theatre Square': The small square behind the Varvakios Market no longer has a theater but it's a stage unto itself, where passers-by can enjoy the city's full reportory. 'Giorgos Koumentakis': The renowned Greek composer, responsible for the Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, takes us on a tour of Tinos island's most spectacular spots and sheds lights on his own work.

  • «Stratis Tsirkas» - «E.H.Gonatas»

    Stratis Tsirkas (1988) A TV show based on the writer's most personal writings - diaries, letters, work notes - as well as biographical elements gleaned from his novels. E.H.Gonatas (1996) In this episode, the legendary documentary series introduces TV audiences to one of the most significant post-war writers for the very first time.

  • «Chole Obolensky» - «Kostas Axelos»

    CHLOE OBOLENSKY : An irresistible journey across European theater and opera stages of the past 40 years, led by the internationally acclaimed set and costume designer. KOSTAS AXELOS: The influential Greek-French intellectual talks about philosophy, democracy and the left wing movement for the first time in Greek television.

  • «Alexandros Papadiamantis» - «Manolis Anagnostakis»

    ALEXANDROS PAPADIAMANTIS (2011) On the occasion of the 100-year anniversary since his death, this episode explores the little-known, contradictory and eccentric side of the acclaimed author's personality. Written and Directed by: Lena Voudouri MANOLIS ANAGNOSTAKIS (1983) Directed by Lakis Papastathis In his one and only television appearance, the Thessaloniki-born poet – whose lyrics were set to music by some of the most renowned Greek composers – talks about life and literature.

  • «Marika Ninou» - «Miltos Sachtouris»

    'Marika Ninou': A moving tribute to the legendary rebetiko singer, 52 years after her death. 'Miltos Sachtouris': 12 years after his feature “Who is the Crazy Hare?” featuring Miltos Sachtouris, Lefteris Xanthopoulos returns to complete his portait of the eccentric poet.