Athens International Film Festival

A Brighter Summer Day

22/09/19, 20:00, IDEAL

In the early 60s, a rebellious boy growing up amidst great social turmoil, fascinated with American culture and incapable of handling the machinations of an indecipherable world, falls for a girl involved with violent gangs. A milestone for contemporary cinema, a  wondrous magnum opus on the fatal date man has with History, a film which close to 5000 critics from around the world listed as one of the top 100 movies ever made. A digitally restored copy of the film will be screened


It took Edward Yang three years to make this unique film, a monument for the cinema of Taiwan and cinema in general. In four unbelievable hours the audience travels to the early ‘60s and the story of a rebellious boy who grows up in great social turbulence, in love with a girl, involved in violent neighbourhood gangs, fascinated by Elvis Presley and the American culture, unable to react against the mechanisms of a world he cannot comprehend.

Controlling exquisitely his narration and the technical means, with his vision and ambition absolutely fulfilled, Yang creates a wondrous magnum opus on the fateful meeting of man with History. 5000 critics from all over the world place it among the 100 best films ever made. L.K.

DIRECTOR: Edward Yang
SCREENWRITERS: Hung Hung, Lai Ming-tang, Edward Yang, Alex Yang
DoP: Chang Hui-kung, Li Long-yu
EDITOR: Bowen Chen
PRINCIPAL CAST: Chang Chen, Lisa Yang, Chang Kuo-Chu, Elaine Jin, Wang Chuan, Chang Han

    Publication date: 2019-09-09 00:44:28