Athens International Film Festival

Yi Yi: A One and a Two…

20/09/19, 20:30, ASTOR

It starts with a wedding and ends with a funeral. In between these two events, the film covers a decisive year in the life of three generations of a middle-class family. Edward Yang’s swan song is a beautiful film which succeeds in turning something small into something epic. Winner of the Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival and to many film critics a masterpiece of 21st century cinema.


It starts with a wedding, it ends with a funeral and in between it covers a decisive time in the life of three generations of a middle class family in today’s Taipei, head of which is a middle-aged man about to have a consciousness crisis. It’s like taking a careful look through a big family album.

Edward Yang, in his swansong, gives us a wonderful magnifying lens of a film turning the tiny to epic. He knows how to reveal to the viewer an entire little universe behind the seemingly unimportant details. Directing Award at Cannes, a place among the best films of the ‘00s by respectable media (New York Times, Village Voice, Sight and Sound) and for many film critics a masterpiece, to this day, of the 21st century cinema. L.K.

DIRECTOR: Edward Yang
DoP: Wei-han Yang
MUSIC: Kai-Li Peng
EDITOR: Po-Wen Chen
PRINCIPAL CAST: Wu Nien-jen, Elaise Jin, Issey Ogata, Kelly Lee, Jonathan Chang, Hsi-Sheng Chen, Su-Yun Ko, Lawrence Ko

    Publication date: 2019-09-09 00:54:50