• Pillow - work in progress

    In his directorial debut, Konstantinos Kakoyannis explores the concept of using culture as a convenient ?pillow?, shielding ourselves from everything we find asphyxiating, irrespective of whether we have the possibility or the innermost desire to avoid it.

  • Fan - work in progress

    ?Fan? turns childhood vengeance into stark neorealist poetry, offering the most poignant answer to the cruelty and the selfishness that rule the adult world.

  • The Sentimentalists - work in progress

    After a long hiatus from filmmaking, Nikos Triantafillidis teams up with another black sheep, Takis Moschos, who recently returned to the flock, surrounded by a cast of young hopefuls.

  • Lurk - work in progress

    ?Lurk? is a psychological thriller with a political edge that's not meant for the faint of heart.