Athens International Film Festival

La Rabia

Carri’s latest film, La Rabia, established her as one of the most groundbreaking filmmakers of her generation. Set in a rural community in the Argentinean pampas, La Rabia is as harsh and brutal as the lives of the people it centers on. The film focuses on Nati, a ten year old girl that suddenly turns mute when she witnesses her mother having S&M sex with another local man. Unable to comprehend what has happened, Nita turns to drawing to express her frustration. But the plot takes an unexpected turn when her father discovers her lewd drawings. Interlacing realistic depictions of rural life with animated sequences expressing her most vulnerable character’s sadness and confusion, Carri delivers a dark exploration of the human psyche’s baser aspects.



    Publication date: 2008-09-11 11:05:00