Athens International Film Festival

Los Rubios

‘My name is Analía Couceyro, I’m an actress and I’m cast as Albertina Carri in The Blonds.’ Part documentary, part fiction, The Blonds is a challenging, multi-layered and multi-faceted examination of the process of memory, as well as a self-referencing film that allegorically hails the moving image as the storehouse of history. In an attempt to find out what happened to her parents, Carri returns to her parental home and begins to open the Chinese boxes of her reminisces, revisiting old times and her own feelings of loss. But how can one reconstruct the past, when memory is so flux by its very nature? Could memory be but a toy, a fiction assembled and dismantled at will?


Argentina, USA , Color, Β & W , 89’

    Publication date: 2008-09-11 11:05:00