Athens International Film Festival


After Jeff’s sudden death, his best friend Mark sorts through the deceased’s contacts list only to come across Andrea, an Italian web designer, with whom Jeff was having an intense email affair. Brought together under bizarre ?and mildly embarrassing- circumstances, Mark and Andrea will find their initially awkward familiarity gradually developing into something deeper. Tight, minimal and intense, Yen Tan’s third feature film is not just a tale of gay love, but a study of the intimacy that is born through tragedy.


Director: Yen Tan

Screenwriters: Alessandro Calza, Yen Tan

Cinematography: Michael Roy

Editing: David Lowery

Principal Cast: Adam Neal Smith, Alessandro Calza, Charles W. Blaum


USA , Color , English, Italian, Mandarin , 87΄


    Publication date: 2008-09-11 11:05:00