Athens International Film Festival

De La Guerre

Fed up with his drab existence, Bertrand, a film director, is almost at breaking point. His first outburst occurs when he decides to spend his night in a coffin. But his real break with the world comes, when he decides to join a bizarre sect preaching that pleasure should be won like a war. Despite his controversial material, Bertrand Bonello (The Pornographer) masterfully manages to strike a balance between provocation and depth delivering a meditation on pleasure and the creative process. Featuring an all-star cast (Mathieu Amalric, Asia Argento, Guillaume Depardieu), On War was featured in the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight section.


Director - Screenwriter: Bertrand Bonello

Cinematography: Josée Deshaies

Editing: Fabrice Rouaud

Principal Cast: Mathieu Amalric, Asia Argento, Guillaume Depardieu, Clothilde Hesme



France , Color , French , 130’

    Publication date: 2008-09-11 11:00:00