Athens International Film Festival


City of Life and Death

On December 9, 1937 the Imperial Japanese Army entered Nanking, then capital of the Republic of China. In the six weeks that followed, Japanese soldiers brutally massacred hundreds of thousands of civilians. Over seventy years later, the Nanking Massacre (or Rape of Nanking, as it is also known) continues to cause a strain in Sino-Japanese relationships. Shot in black and white, impeccably directed and never stooping to sensationalism, Lu Chuan’s dramatization of the events manages to bring out the sheer brutality of those six weeks making the spectator an unwitting accomplish to a crime of war. A powerful, emotionally draining experience. Κίνα / China 2009 Ασπρόμαυρο / B & W 35mm 131' Κινέζικα, Γιαπωνέζικα, Αγγλικά / Chinese, Japanese, English Σκηνοθεσία / Director: Lu Chuan Σενάριο / Screenwriter: Lu Chuan Φωτογραφία / Cinematography: Όνομα Μουσική / Music: Όνομα Μοντάζ / Editor: Όνομα Ηθοποιοί / Principal Cast: LiuYe GaoYuanyuan FanWei Hideo Nakaizumi

    Publication date: 2009-09-10 12:05:38