Athens International Film Festival


Shorts Selection

A selection of Rybczyński shorts that includes his Academy Award winning ?Tango?, unexpected split screens of an otherwise simple tale and the camera portrayed as a ravenous beast devouring a city to a soundtrack of electroacoustric music. Processed film, an innovative use of stop motion and a ?Soup? that belongs in a museum make up some of the most typical Rybczyński moments. Highlights include John Lennon’s ?Imagine? an elegy to the fading away of youth. Kwadrat Take Five Plamuz Nowa Ksiazka Zupa Media Weg Zum Nachbarn Mein Fenster Swieto Tango The Day Before Tha Discreet Charm of The Diplomacy Imagine Steps

    Publication date: 2009-09-10 12:05:39