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From the Art of Noise to Yoko Ono and from Lou Reed to Simple Minds, Rybczyński has directed some of the best music videos of his time using concepts that wouldn't hit the mainstream for about a decade. And while all his contemporaries in television had surrendered to kitsch and cacophony, he managed to impose counterpoint as a technique and deconstruction as a medium. Employing narrative and filmmaking techniques more akin to short films than music videos, Rybczyński can boast he was the true fresh prince of MTV in a time when it was the best music channel in the world. Keep Your Eye On Me - Herb Alpert The Original Wrapper - Lou Reed Hell in Paradise - Yoko Ono Ultima Ballo - Angel and Maimone Midnight Mover - Accept Sign Of The Time - Grand Master Flash All That I Wanted - Belfegore Diana D - Check Mangione Close To The Edit - Art of Noise All The Things She Said - Simple Minds The Orchestra

    Publication date: 2009-09-10 12:05:29