Athens International Film Festival

Baghdad High

Baghdad, the present. Four high school seniors of different ethnic and religious backgrounds pick up their digital cameras and record what’s left from their shattered lives in the war-ravaged capital of Iraq. What’s striking is that their day-today issues and worries are surprisingly similar to those of their counterparts’ in the West. Why didn’t my girlfriend call? When will Britney Spears release her new single? What will David Beckham do next? Many people will feel that these issues shouldn’t be your top priority when there are bombs exploding all around you, but maybe that’s the only way to preserve your sanity and ?most importantly- your humanity. O’ Mahoney’s and Winter’s captivating documentary puts a human face on what Western media would have you believe is just statistics.


Directors: Ivan O' Mahoney, Laura Winter 
Editing: Johnny Burke

Featuring: Ali Shadman, Anmar Refat, Hayder Khalid 


USA, UK, France , Color , Arabic, English, Kurdish , 88' 

    Publication date: 2008-09-11 11:05:00