Athens International Film Festival
  • Music & Film

    One of the most popular sections of the festival took on the Competition aspect and leads the audience into various musical genres, introduces artists and new musical trends, pays tribute to unforgettable or little­known parts of musical history. This section features the best documentaries of the year, the best of which is awarded the big prize by an international jury of artists and journalists who work in the music and film industry.

  • Bang! The Bert Berns Story

    You are of course familiar with the legendary songs "Twist and Shout", "Piece of my Heart" and "Brown Eyed Girl". What you're not familiar with is the man who inspired them: one of the greatest recording artists of the `60s, a man who managed to create 51 global hits in just 7 years. Despite the fact that his artistic trajectory was unluckier than Sixto "Sugarman" Rodriguez's, now is the time to discover Bert Berns and his adventurous life, as it is meshed with the history of American pop, rock and soul music in a thrilling hour and a half.

  • Gary Numan: Android in La La Land

    A disarmingly honest and incisive record of the Gary Numan pop phenomenon, Bowie's alien successor who put synthesizers on the charts. Alongside his return thanks to the "Splinter" album in 2014, prepare for an epic flashback to his provocative talent, as well his zig-zagging career.

  • Hired Gun

    The session musicians who are responsible for 80% of the records released in the U.S., finally come out of the shadows and stand proudly in the limelight. Between breathless solos and groovy beats, find out how anthems such as Michael Jackson's "Beat It" were really created, learn for the first time what Ozzy Osbourne and his musicians went through after the death of the hugely important Randy Rhoads, and travel back to the days after the tragic death of Metallica's legendary Cliff Burton. Starring Alice Cooper, Jason Newsted, Pink, Steve Vai, Rob Zombie etc.

  • Strike a Pose

    What exactly happened "In Bed with Madonna"? 25 years after the now legendary Blond Ambition Tour, which taught the whole world how to Vogue, the Pop Queen's dancers go back for another round of "Truth or Dare", this time in front of an audience. Secrets and revelations about the Material Girl, whispered by Madonna's "orphaned" children.

  • Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in his Own Words

    He saw himself as "a normal guy with a wife, children and many unpaid bills". We all know, though, that Frank Zappa was one of the most revolutionary figures in contemporary music and this is the film that he deserves: an untamed audiovisual patch-up, made out of many miles of archival footage and eight whole years of research, that manages to cram into 90 dizzying minutes the impressive fragments of the life and career of an unrepentant pop culture troublemaker.

  • The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years

    You think you know everything there is to know about the Beatles? Ron Howard is here to shake this belief of yours with a music documentary of astounding archival wealth, which follows the legendary Beatles from their first steps at the Cavern Club in Liverpool up to their last official concert in San Francisco, in 1966. And if that doesn't sound enough, after the film ends you can be among the first to enjoy 30 minutes of The Beatles concert at the Shea Stadium, which took place in 1965 in front of 55,000 people, in remastered 4K and sound mixed at the Abbey Road studios! Out of competition

  • The Rolling Stones - Havana Moon

    In March 25th 2016, the Rolling Stones became the first rock band to play a free outdoors concert for thousands of people in Havana. A must-see cinematic experience which will be screened in select theatres worldwide for one night only, on Friday September 23rd. Out of competition

  • Sid and Nancy

    On the night of September 12th 1978, Nancy Spungen drops dead in a hotel room, after she's stabbed probably by her boyfriend and Sex Pistols bassist, Sid Vicious. To put together the puzzle of this doomed love story, Alex Cox returns to the legendary punk era, picks the tremendous Gary Oldman as his lead and turns the "live fast, die young" motto into a poisonous romance turned up to eleven. 30-year anniversary, digitally remastered screening. Out of competition