Athens International Film Festival
  • After Hours

    An open invitation to late­night movie buffs, promising a series of suspenseful nocturnal screenings of varied content: the latest in Asian horror, select retro chills and some of the most controversial American offerings make up one of the most adventurous and entertaining sections of the festival.

  • Blair Witch

    In 1999, a handmade horror film came to haunt the silver screen, awaken your nightmares and become a phenomenon of pop culture. Years later, the Blair Witch returns and challenges another group of people to enter the woods. Primal fear and a supernatural threat that puts you up against the wall. You thought you'd seen everything. Think again.

  • Train to Busan

    "World War Z" meets "Snowpiercer" in a post-apocalyptic hell brimming with zombies ready to devour any survivors aboard a train. Each station has more undead in store and the battle to keep even a single carriage safe will be bloody. The midnight crescendo which terrified the Cannes Film Festival.

  • Raw

    Cannibalism and vegetarianism can hardly share a meal. Or can they? The awakenings of the flesh experienced by a young vet student set the scene for a cinematic treat of gory imagery, sexual tension and an aftertaste of comedy, which drenched the Cannes Film Festival in blood and grabbed the FIPRESCI award. A film debut destined to stay fresh in your mind.

  • Lights Out

    The lights go out, she appears, somewhere in the distance. The lights are turned on again and she's gone, though she's only a blink away. "Lights Out", produced by James Wan, the director of "The Conjuring", is guaranteed to make your skin crawl and will assure you of one thing: when the lights in the theatre go out, you'll have no idea what's right there next to you.

  • Sausage Party

    Foodstuffs realise they're being... eaten in this irreverent and hilarious "party" cooked up by the writing team behind "Superbad" and "The End of the World", Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. A cannibalistic "Toy Story" hungry for insolence, a cinematic meal you absolutely wouldn't serve to underage audiences. Does anyone feel bad about today's feast?

  • Shelley

    A young Romanian housekeeper agrees to be the surrogate for a well-off Danish couple, who live in a remote house at the edge of the woods. Soon, however, the pregnancy turns into a nightmare, as the baby grows abnormally fast, and the tension rises and turns menacing. What starts as a minimalistic, Bergman-esque drama little-by-little transforms into a morbid horror film, in which the "Frankenstein" myth meets "Rosemary's Baby" and body horror tropes out of a David Cronenberg movie.

  • The Eyes Of My Mother

    A sadistic killer breaks into a farmhouse, only to meet his match in an equally unhinged young girl deeply interested in anatomy, whom he made the mistake of leaving behind alive. Shot in luscious black and white befitting an expressionistic nightmare, "The Eyes of my Mother" is the best art-house horror film of the year, a truly impressive directorial debut that is brash enough to mix together Ingmar Bergman and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre".

  • The Greasy Strangler

    A father and a son dress up in retro women's clothes and act as tour guides to disco attractions in Los Angeles, soon, though, they will clash over a woman. At the same time, the city is being ravaged by a sleazy maniac who murders innocent people and leaves greasy stains in his wake. Splatter explosions, farts, flaccid penises and all types of bodily fluids "adorn" the filthiest, most irreverent and guiltily enjoyable you get to see this year.

  • The Neon Demon

    A paroxysm of Technicolor, blood-soaked visions, swastikas and neon lights escort 16-year-old Jessie to her nightmarish trip to Los Angeles and the carnivorous-like competitive fashion world. Is beauty everything? The Danish director of "Drive" naturally has a provocative answer to this question thanks to a genuine sensual delirium, clothed in high fashion sounds by Cliff Martinez and destined to make dedicated fans out of you.