Athens International Film Festival
  • Minority Report

    Τhe «Minority Report» program is implemented through the Operational Program "Human Resouces Development, Education and Lifelong Learning" and is co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund) and Greek national funds.

  • Tapis Rouge

    Thanks to a social worker's encouragement, a group of young people, all descendants of second generation immigrants and living in the less privileged Lausanne quarters, write their own screenplay and go all the way to Cannes to find a producer to finance their film. A very sweet road movie about the right we all have to dream and seek better opportunities in life. Free entrance

  • Don't Call Me Stranger

    The harsh journey that immigrants make from their homelands towards Europe, coming through Greece and continuing up north. A modern odyssey unfolds through their accounts and personal stories. work in progress / Free entrance

  • Sam Roma - We Are Gypsies

    Roma is a mysterious people, whose identity is lost in the depths of time and faraway lands. The Greek Roma love to sing and dance and they're the biggest merry-makers you've ever seen. Free entrance

  • Soy Nero

    All deals with the devil can only be profitable for the devil himself. This is the Faustian moral that defines Nero, a young Mexican raised in the U.S. who is deported and returns to the place from which he was driven away. To earn his green card, he will enlist in the American army and ight in the Middle East. Official entry in the Berlinale competition section. Free entrance

  • My Beautiful Laundrette

    An unconventional love story between a social-climbing young Pakistani and a street punk from London, and at the same time a timely political commentary about the seething England of the Thatcher years, Frears' film introduced us to the then-undiscovered talents of Daniel Day Lewis, the insightful thoughts of screenwriter Hanif Kureishi and one of the most important filmmakers in England. A landmark of the British cinema in the `80s. Free entrance

  • The Fixer

    Award-winning documentary filmmaker Ian Olds steps into the world of fiction for the first time, with this portrait of a man lost amongst continents. A former Afghan fixer for Western journalists, who left his embattled country behind to seek asylum in the U.S., dreams of becoming a journalist himself. A mysterious disappearance, though, overshadows this new beginning and fuels the local community's prejudices against him. Free entrance

  • Heaven's Gate

    It had a notoriously difficult shoot, drove one of the biggest Hollywood studios to the ground and condemned its Academy award-winning director to disrepute. The most cursed film in the history of American cinema, however, is a monumental masterpiece, which revisits some of the most undignified pages of recent history to recount the true events of the extermination in cold blood of a large number of immigrants by the big land barons in 19th century Wyoming. The film will be screened for the first time in Greece in its final, digitally restored director's cut version. Free entrance

  • Fear Eats the Soul

    A lonely widow of German descent and a much younger worker from Morocco meet in a bar, fall madly in love and get married. However, they will have to face the racist prejudices of the people around them and their difficulty in being part of an openly hostile community. In his masterful melodrama, the provocative German director seeks love and understanding in a world that detests anyone who stands out in any way. Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at the Cannes Film Festival. Free entrance