Athens International Film Festival
  • Greek Films Premieres

    New Greek films are making their debut at the Athens International Film Festival.

  • Bliss

    The post-it messages that Anna finds glued on her door will trigger a chain of events which will shake her mental health. When a man begins harassing her, the clash with everyone around her will become inevitable. A tragicomic outlook on a distorted view of reality, starring Xanthi Spanou, Dimitris Alexandris, Christos Stergioglou and Themis Bazaka. work in progress

  • Interlude, City of a Dead Woman

    Academy award-nominated Sarah Miles ("Ryan's Daughter") and Bernard Hill star in the first fiction film by Angela Ismailos, after her documentary "Great Directors" screened in Cannes and Venice. The stories of three people are intertwined in the holy island of Patmos: Daphne lives isolated from the world and has chosen the path of silence. When she meets the priest Theodoric and Esteban, the two men start experiencing feelings they hadn't felt before. Soon, a moral dilemma arises -should this famous silence pact be broken?- and grows to be at the centre of their lives. work in progress

  • Nocturne

    The man who (temporarily) killed Jon Snow in "Game of Thrones" (that is, Owen Teale) leads a diverse cast in the existential thriller by first-time director Constantinos Frangopoulos. Teale plays one of the three characters who hide away from the world, and themselves, in an underground parking space, before the arrival of a little girl gives them strength to start anew. Everything falls apart, though, when a horrific crime is committed. And for every crime someone has to pay. work in progress

  • Pedro Noula

    A severe car accident leaves a man with an Italian passport, a broken phone, a cheque and a strange woman's photo, but no memory of who he really is. Completing the puzzle of his lost identity will become a nightmarish adventure. Starring Constantinos Aspiotis, Katia Leclerq O'Wallis, Pavlos Evagelopoulos, Christos Sapountzis, Athena Pappa and Meletis Georgiadis.