Athens International Film Festival
  • Spotlight on Tomasz Wasilewski

    2016 Zjednoczone stany milosci / United States of Love
    2013 Plynace wiezowce / Floating Skyscrappers
    2012 W sypialni / In a Bedroom

  • In a Bedroom

    An introverted woman in her forties places an online ad as an escort for wealthy gentlemen, whom she drugs during their date. She then spends the night in their apartments, relishing their "hospitality". When her plan goes awry with one of her victims, a peculiar relationship is born. Sex, lies and loneliness in the minimalistic and atmospheric debut, which introduced the directorial talent of Tomasz Wasilewski.

  • Floating Skyscrapers

    Kuba, a professional swimmer, splits his time between practice and his beautiful partner. However, his daily routine is rudely interrupted when an attractive young man invades his life and awakens uncontrollable sexual desires. The first Polish gay film belongs to Wasilewski's brave directorial voice and his decision to defy his country's cinematic taboos in order to tell a courageous love story.

  • United States of Love

    Four women, strangers to each other, come face-to-face with repressed erotic desires and decolorized dreams, against the backdrop of a Poland watching as the Eastern bloc crumbles to the ground. With its Kieslowski-esque, underlying emotional intensity, the best female film of the year was directed by a man, the fastest-rising filmmaker in contemporary Polish cinema. Silver Bear for Best Script at the Berlin Film Festival.