Athens International Film Festival



    FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29 | 11:30 | Goethe-Institut Athen
    MASTERCLASS «Fatih Akin, Head on»

    Masterclass conducted by the internationally acclaimed director Fatih Akin, discussing the issue of consultation and guidance for young filmmakers with regard to direction.

    Discussion moderator: Panos Gkenas, in charge for the section ‘Greek Short Stories’ - In Competition.

    Goethe-Institut Athen (14-16 Omirou Str., Athens)

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    Stanislavski Method: Emotion in the Treatment of Mental Addiction (2023, Freece, 68')
    Director: Alexandros Mavrogiannis

    The play ‘Awakening’ by Eirini Tsalera was presented on March 29th 2023 in KETHEA EN DRASI Therapeutic Community in the Korydallos I Detention Center. The Stanislavski Method served as a compass and the persistence of the participants, coupled with the love of the therapists, were the means that helped create a play which aimed to enhance the therapeutic approach to mental rehab, through the Stanislavski dramatic training system. The documentary is based on the testimonies of the personnel of therapy and training, as well as the participants in the play, members of KETHEA EN DRASI Therapeutic Communities in the Korydallos I Detention Center and the Eleona’s Women Prison in Shiva.

    A discussion will follow in attendance of the filmmakers

    Alexandros Mavrogiannis, Director

    Nikos Houvartas, President of the Centre for Social Rehabilitation of the Centre for the Reception and Rehabilitation of Released Prisoners KETHEA EN DRASI

    Katerina Theodoridou, Psychologist, In Charge of the Transitional Centre for Consulting and Mental Addiction at the Correctional Centre of Korydallos 

    Antonia Roussaki, Psychologist, Deputy in Charge of the Transitional Centre for Consulting and Mental Addiction at the Detention Centre for Women at Eleonas Thivon

    Periptero: Je T’aime Moi Non Plus (2022, Greece, 43')
    Director: Pier Blatner

    The kiosk. This absolutely unique Greek construction-small business, that has characterized Greece for roughly the last 120 years. Initially, the kiosk was a state reward to those who fought for their country and were injured/mutilated during the wars of the late 19th century. Pier Blattner’s documentary, however, after a short historical retrospection, deals with how the crisis hit the Greek kiosk in recent years. Traveling throughout the country, Blattner speaks with kiosk owners, the people and public officials, in order to understand the political, social and cultural dimension of a phenomenon that seems to be fading, but persists, albeit wounded, by virtue of its usefulness.

    Discussion will follow with director in attendance.

    Transistence (2023, Greece / Spain, 26')
    Directors: Anastasia Vaitsopoulou, Ioannis Tsioulis

    10/07/2023. Ana, a trans woman, who migrated to Greece from Cuba, is brutally murdered in her apartment downtown Athens. One more transphobic crime in a country recognizing and giving very few rights to trans persons. The same year, Spain votes the most progressive legal framework for trans rights in Europe. How does the law affect the lives of the members of this community? People that fight for trans rights, from the first trans MP of Spain, Carla Antonelli, to Secretary of State for Equality, Ángela Rodríguez Martínez, share their reality in a two-speed society. Popaganda journalists Anastasia Vaitsopoulou and Ioannis Tsioulis travel from Athens to Madrid in order to explore the trans experience.

    A discussion will follow with an all-queer panel consisting of: 

    Anastasia Vaitsopoulou (she/her), journalist-co-director of the film

    Anna Kouroupou (she/her), director of Red Umbrella Athens 

    Filippos Paganis (he/him), psychologist-member of the scientific group Orlando LGBT+ 

    Vassilis Sotiropoulos (he/him), lawyer-legal advisor of the Support Union for Trans People

    Ioannis Tsioulis (he/him), journalist, co-director of the film 

    Ksenija Zoksimovic (they/them), worker in research and education for social justice and psychotherapy

    THURSDAY OCTOBER 5 | 12.00-16.15 | Goethe-Institut Athen 
    Crew United Day  

    12:00 | Inside the Mind of a Casting Director: a masterclass with Susanne Ritter (In English)
    A Q&A will follow (Running time: 90')

    13:30 | Screening of the film "Tochter", by Nana Neul (2021), a co-production of Germany-Greece- Italy (Running time: 122')
    Courtesy of: Heimatfilm και Heretic

    15:45 | Show me the Crew! – A presentation of Crew United Greece by Venia Vergou
    (Running time: 30')

    Goethe-Institut Athen (14-16 Omirou Str., Athens)

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