Athens International Film Festival

Shorts On the Edge

Reise Zum Wald

Forests are the source of many legends in Germany and this is a chance for their poetic exploration. With the camera's assistance we take a different journey in the woods, where things look rather different than usual. Getting out there is a slavation, or disappointment, depending on which side you are looking at.

Director: Jorn Saeger

Germany, 7'



A woman wanders the streets, unable to remember how she ever got there. An old movie screened at a hotelseems to remind her of something. Has she been there before? Who are these twin men? Are these just random occurences or is everything connected? And what does the theremin have to do with all this?

Director: Nikolaos Pastras

Greece, 15'


Somewhere Between Downtown and Venice

A collection of images with voice-over narration dealing with young actors arriving from all over the world to the City of Angels in the hope of one day becoming famous.

Director: Gregory Rentis

Greece/USA, 6'


Shiny Things

Neil Young's all time classic "Heart of Gold" is a good excuse for a radical cover that helps sound and images mix ideally.

Director: Salise Hughes

USA, 6'



The film's title refers to the space where things are conceived without being seen. The space where days are filled with stars and nights with sunshine. A journey through pictures and emotions, based on memories and dreams of blind people through a Super 8 material which was discovered in the seventies.

Director: Anna Acevedo

Brazil, 14'



Lubbert lives in the middle of the woods with his authoritative mother. During one of his walks he changes upon several surprises, including a group of people that may eventually become his neighbors. Mixing reality and fantasy with images reminiscent of the Flemish masters, "Mompelaar" is a film inhabiting a unique world of its own.

Director: Wim Reygaert

Belgium, 22'



An aging woman and her son struggle to coexist in a house that shelters a spectacular menagerie of birds. Surrendering to their codependence, inside a world that bears no exit, they go about their bedtime ritual resisting and succumbing to each other's needs. Within the everydayness of their gestures and movements lurks a secret, and the anticipation of what might come is tha dawning question.

Director: Andrea Pallaoro

USA, 13'

    Publication date: 2008-09-13 16:43:26