Athens International Film Festival


Guy Ritchie is back with a frenetic comic adventure, much in the style of his early successes, to take us to a dangerous ride into high crime and low life in the dark side of contemporary London. In this crazy story of sex, crime and rock’ n’ roll, a junkie rock star, presumed dead but very much alive, gets into the way of organized crime and starts a war! The film’s cast redefines "cool", with Jeremy Piven and Gerard Buttler of the "300" holding the lead roles.


Director: Guy Ritchie
Screenwriter: Guy Ritchie
Cinematography: David Higgs
Editor: James Herbert
Principal Cast: Gerard Buttler, Jeremy Piven, Gemma Arterton, Idris Elba


UK, Color,
English, 114’

    Publication date: 2008-09-12 17:25:21