Athens International Film Festival


Rex and Sashkia enjoy their love and take a trip in the countryside where at a crowded service station Sashkia disappears leaving no traces (hence the original film title) at all. Rex dedicates his life in trying to find his wife when all of a sudden 3 years later he receives a postcard from her abductor who promises to reveal everything about his missing wife. Rex is drawn to him by his desire to find the truth. A perfectly constructed thriller sent chills to audience's spine back in 1988 and was remade in Hollywood in 1993 by the same director though with different reaction this time. Holland's entry for the Academy Awards in 1988.


Director: George Sluizer
Screenwriter: Tim Krabbe
Cinematography: Toni Kuhn
Editor: Lin Friedman, George Sluizer
Principal Cast: Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu, Gene Bervoets, Johanna ter Steege


France, Holland, Color
Dutch, 107 '

    Publication date: 2008-09-12 16:23:41