Athens International Film Festival


Robert is a car tyre, buried and forgotten somewhere in the Californian desert. One day though it wakes up and starts rolling. It is gifted with psycho kinetic powers and starts a murderous safari in America blowing whatever crosses its path: birds' heads, spiders, cops, crippled. While doing all this a group of people not far from it observes and comments on Robert's moves. A film within a film, "Rubber" is a well crafted joke, unique , funny and not caring at all for any kind of narrative form, a real challenge for both director and audience. House musician Mr. Oizo becomes Quentin Dupieux again and urges us to follow Robert but just in case keep at least 20 metres clear of it!

Σκηνοθεσία / Director:Quentin Dupieux

Σενάριο / Screenwriter: Quentin Dupieux

Φωτογραφία / DoP:Quentin Dupieux

Μουσική/ Music: Gaspard Augé Mr Oizo

Μοντάζ/ Editor: Quentin Dupieux

Ηθοποιοί/ Principal Cast: Stephen Spinella, Roxane Mesquida ,Jack Plotnick ,Wings Hauser

    Publication date: 2010-09-07 12:05:04