Athens International Film Festival


The epitome of screwball and a lasting influence for every romantic comedy, "Trouble in Paradise" is widely considered the finest example of the famed Lubitsch touch; the fact that it was the director's own favourite film is surely not a coincidence. The film stars Gaston and Lily, two criminal masterminds, in love with their life of delinquency as much as with one another. Leaving behind the rubbles of Venice, the duo travel to the art deco salons of Paris, where they meet their next victim in the face of Mariette, the well-to-do owner of a perfume company. Gastone and Lily convince her to hire them as assistants, but they soon find themselves tangled in their own web, as romance and strange sexual games threaten to blow their carefully designed plan to pieces.


Σκηνοθεσία / Director:Ernst Lubitsch

Σενάριο / Screenwriter:Samson Raphaelson, Grover Jones

Φωτογραφία / DoP: Victor Milner

Μουσική/ Music: Leo Robin, W. Franke Harling

Ηθοποιοί/ Principal Cast: Miriam Hopkins, Kay Francis, Herbert Marshall, Charlie Ruggles, Edward Everett ,Horton C. Aubrey Smith

Ιn collaboration with Locarno International Film Festival and the French Cinematheque

    Publication date: 2010-09-07 12:05:25