Athens International Film Festival


Oscar is an entomologist in a Museum of Natural History and spends his days passionately examining insects. Traumatic childhood memories bring back his younger sister's death and make him feel uneasy. Or is it just his fantasy running after him? One day as Oscar is searching for a cure the ghosts from the past show up and contaminate for good his everyday life. The only full length feature from Belgium's avant garde priest enclaves the blurred utopia of child dreams in pictures where black fights to diminish white once and for all. "Nuit Noir" is a surrealistic myth constantly manoeuvring like a genius spiral formation freefalling into subconcious. Smolders' enigmatic frames celebrate the mystery than trying to solve it. Somewhere there, among an orgy of Freudian visions, between Kafka's "Metamorphosis" and Lynch, "Nuit Noir" shows up showing the way for a no-terms personal re-meditation.


Σκηνοθεσία / Director:Olivier Smolders

Σενάριο / Screenwriter:Olivier Smolders

Φωτογραφία / DoP:Louis-Philippe Capelle

Μουσική/ Music: Miam Monster, Miam André, Klenes Anakrouze

Μοντάζ/ Editor: Philippe Bourgueil ,Olivier Smolders

Ηθοποιοί/ Principal Cast: Fabrice Rodriguez, Yves-Marina Gnahoua, Raymond Pradel, Marie Lecomte ,Philippe Corbisier, Iris Debuschere


    Publication date: 2010-09-07 12:05:24