Athens International Film Festival

The End Of Poverty?

How can there be such dire poverty when our planet produces such vast wealth? How come over 85% of energy reserves are used up by a mere 25% of the global population? Will there ever be an end to poverty? Most of us have learned to put these questions aside and carry on with our daily business but not Philippe Diaz. Conversing with Nobel-prize winning economists, Diaz draws up a brief history of exploitation spanning from colonialism to the present day, rejects the spin and the over-simplifications served up by the media and proposes the sober, scientific method as the only way out of the dreadlock of poverty. Special screening at Cannes Critics’ Week.


Director - Screenwriter: Philippe Diaz

Cinematography: Philippe Diaz

Editing: Tom Von Doom

Featuring: Susan George, Serge Latouche, John Perkins, Amartya Sen


USA ,Color , English, French, Spanish , 108’  

    Publication date: 2008-09-11 11:00:00