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Revenge: A Love Story

The police are investigating two identical homicide cases, with the victims being horribly murdered pregnant wives of police officers. A secret team organizes the investigation, combs the area and finally arrests a suspect. During the violent interrogation process, the suspect remains silent, the entire city awaits the announcement of his guilt but a new murder complicates the case. Who is the mysterious man and what connects these crimes to a love story from the past? Through heartbreaking flashbacks and sadistic explosions of violence, Ching Po-Wong unravels a tragic revenge plan and starts a war against the banality of serial killer movies, leaving only blood in his wake. With action scenes that will make your testosterone reach its peak, flamboyantly bloody slasher aesthetics and slightly art-house acrobatics, “Revenge: A Love Story” is this year’s midnight surprise from Hong Kong.

Revenge A Love Story(2010) Trailer... by NyxtesPremieras

Original Title: Fuk Sau Che Chi Sei

Director: Wong Ching Po

Screenwriter: Lai-yin Leung, Juno Mak, Wong Ching Po

DoP: Jimmy Wong

Music: Dan Findlay

Editor: Wong Ching Po Ka-Fai Cheung

Principal Cast: Juno Mak Sola Aoi

Country: Hong-Kong

Year: 2010

Running Time: 95'

Language: Cantonese


    Publication date: 2011-09-06 12:10:00