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  • Robert Altman in the 70s

    From the beginning of his career in the late 60s to the last film he ever made - "A Prairie Home Companion" (2006), released on the same year the director passed away at age 81 - Robert Altman always marched to the beat of his own drum, both personally and professionally.

    He worked on his own terms, within the Hollywood system or outside of it, he stood his ground against studio executives when forced to defend his vision, he followed independent and often adventurous financial schemes to fund his riskier productions and he took on some of the most unusual and daring projects that ever emerged in worldwide cinema.

    From 1970 until 1978, in a very short amount of time, Altman managed to make some of the most significant films in modern American cinema, riding the wave of a manic creativity that bore one great film after the next, without ever factoring in box office potential, audience anticipation or whether studio heads were willing to back him up.

    The Athens International Film Festival celebrates this brilliant stage in the career of one of the most celebrated directors in film history, screening established masterpieces (like "McCabe & Mrs. Miller" and "Nashville") alongside little-known gems (like the unsurpassable "3 Women" or the mystical "Images") that either never screened in Greece or haven't seen the light of day in decades, exactly like they deserve to be watched: on the big screen, from 35mm prints.

    Loukas Katsikas

    Φιλμογραφία (επιλεγμένη) / Filmography (selected)

    2006 A Prairie Home Companion
    2001 Gosford Park
    1994 Prêt-à-Porter
    1993 Short Cuts
    1992 The Player
    1985 Fool for Love
    1979 Quintet
    1975 Nashville
    1974 California Split
    1972 Images
    1970 Brewster McCloud

  • Brewster McCloud

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  • McCabe and Mrs Miller

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  • Thieves Like Us

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  • California Split

    Shot for a big studio at a time when Hollywood had no qualms about financing the strangest projects - even when they couldn't possibly guarantee financial returns - "California Split" ...

  • Nashville

    Robert Altman's long-term obsession with redefining movie genres while constantly experimenting with their potential and limitations, would inevitably lead him to a new celluloid world theory ...

  • 3 Women

    This covert masterpiece, hiding out in Altman's irreverent filmography, travels to an isolated community in the Californian desert, where it conjures up an elliptical psychological portrait ...

  • Images

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