Athens International Film Festival

    Archive : 14th AIFF 2008

  • Geminis

    Underneath the polish of upper-class propriety so fastidiously maintained by matriarch Lucia, her own twin children have embarked on an incestuous affair. Is Lucia knowingly turning a blind eye to her children’s degenerate affair or is her obsession with keeping up appearances preventing her from seeing the truth? Never judging, moralizing or sensationalizing, Carri follows the twins’ affair recording the slow dissolution of their family until the final, climatic act. Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes.

    Argentina, France , Color, 85’

  • La Rabia

    Carri’s latest film, La Rabia, established her as one of the most groundbreaking filmmakers of her generation. Set in a rural community in the Argentinean pampas, La Rabia is as harsh and brutal as ...

  • Los Rubios

    ‘My name is Analía Couceyro, I’m an actress and I’m cast as Albertina Carri in The Blonds.’ Part documentary, part fiction, The Blonds is a challenging, multi-layered and multi-faceted examination ...

  • Barbie Tambien Puede Estar Triste

    Starring Barbie as a transsexual trapped in an oppressive marriage to Ken, Albertina Carri’s 2002 stop-motion animation short is a controversial, almost pornographic deconstruction of the pre-pubescent ...

  • No Quiero Volver A Casa

    Two brothers argue over the fate of the family business. But when the lazier, ambition-lacking brother discovers that the prostitute, with whom he is having an affair, has been receiving visits from ...