Athens International Film Festival

Directing Hell

Nikos Nikolaidis used to claim, with the seriousness of a man known for his sarcasm and the gravity of his words, that what you gain from being different equals what you pay for it. “Directing Hell” is a journey, an attempt to explore the dark and exceptional cinematic world of Nikos Nikolaidis, which serves at the same time as an immersion into his films and his personality through them. Colleagues, friends, archival footage from the filming of his work, his films, as well as Nikolaidis himself, speak to the camera and offer their opinions on what Nikos Nikolaidis has changed, what he has brought and continues to bring to cinema. His death in 2007 may have meant the end of an admirably idiosyncratic cinematic career, but it didn’t mean the end of its allure.

Directing Hell by NyxtesPremieras

Director: Christos Chouliaras

Screenwriters: Stergios Pashos, Christos Chouliaras

DoP: Thodoris Michopoulos

Editor: Aliki Panagi

Featuring: Giannis Aggelakas, Konstantinos Tzoumas, Christos Valavanidis, Michele Valley, Valeria


Country: Greece

Year: 2010

Running Time: 79'

Language: Greek

    Publication date: 2011-09-06 12:10:00