Athens International Film Festival

Yorgos Tziotzios: See you in Freedonia

A documentary dedicated to the memory of Yorgos Tziotzios, a restless man of the Greek cinema, who in his short lifetime created Cinema magazine, the Athens International Film Festival Opening Nights and film distribution companies. He embraced Greek cinema and lovingly supported Greek directors, such as Stavros Tornes, Stavros Tsiolis, Dimos Avdeliotis and many others, in their hardest moments. During the last thirty years, Yorgos Tziotzios left his indelible mark on the cinematic reality of Greece with his love for film, his spirit, his boldness and mainly with his ethos.

Director: Αndonis Kioukas

Screenwriter: Andonis Kioukas

DoP: Andonis Kioukas

Music: Dionyssis Tsaknis

Editor: Andonis Kioukas

Featuring: Yota Ioannidou, Christos Mitsis, Zinos Panayotides, Dionisis Tsaknis

Country: Greece

Year: 2011

Running Time: 45'

Language: Greek


    Publication date: 2011-09-06 12:10:00