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Kafka Zone - Shorts


1960. A man is alone in an office. In the room there’s a telephone, the only means of contact with the rest of the world. He suddenly receives a call and faces the creepiest choice of his life. A dramatic Kafkaesque crescendo, in the award-winning short by Terry Montlick.

Director: Terry Montlick

Screenwriter: Terry Montlick

DoP: Terry Montlick

Music: Eve Beglarian

Editor: Terry Montlick

Principal Cast: Spencer Beglarian

Country: USA

Year: 2002

Running Time: 17'

Language: English



Two thieves kidnap the Hunger Artist and ask his owner for ransom. They don’t get anything and so they dump him somewhere to die, when a group of youngsters accidentally finds him. A modern version of the classic short story, shot on 16mm film, with shots that faithfully recreate the claustrophobic atmosphere of the original story.

Director: Bernard Ruddenl

Screenwriter: Bernard Rudden

DoP: Ari Kiriakos

Music: Paul Moore

Μοντάζ: Mark O' Dowd, Bernard Rudden

Principal Cast: Sean Brown Paul Bucanan, Jeanette Burns, Flash, Allan O'Dowd

Country: UK

Year: 1995

Running Time: 40'

Language: English



During the writing process for “Metamorphosis”, Franz Kafka, apart from writer’s block, has to face a number of weird visions containing strangers with knives, fancy costumes, girls and plenty of noise. The vitriolic comedy short by Peter Capaldi won the Oscar for Best Short in 1995.

Director: Peter Capaldi

Screenwriter: Peter Capaldi

DoP: Simon Maggs

Music: Philip Appleby

Editor: Nikki Clemens

Principal Cast: Richard E. Grant, Crispin Letts, Ken Stott, Elaine Collins, Phyllis Logan

Country: UK

Year: 1995

Running Time: 23'

Language: English


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